Friday, January 21

Røthe fastest up the monster hill – Klæbo won overall

VAL DI FIEMME / OSLO (VG) Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) was never threatened in the summary, and won the Tour de Ski for the second time in his career. Sjur Røthe emerged victorious from the last stage.

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Before the last stage up the monster hill, Klæbo led by as much as two minutes down to Aleksandr Bolshunov, and the overall winner was never threatened by the Norwegian.

He finally went into a convincing fifth place on the stage, four seconds ahead of his fiercest competitor. Thus, he also won the Tour de Ski by over two minutes.

This is Klæbo’s second overall winner in the Tour de Ski. He also won the 2018/19 edition.

Further ahead, Sjur Røthe and Denis Spitsov were to settle for the stage victory. The two got a few meters about halfway up the monster hill, and when they approached the top, Røthe put in an extra gear. Then he quickly got a few meters, and finished just over two seconds ahead of the Russian.

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