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Soon personalized music thanks to artificial intelligence

A launch party, a marathon or even a romantic dinner … Have you ever dreamed of an artificial intelligence composing personalized music for you in real time, according to your needs? From February, this will be possible thanks to AIbstract. But how ?

The story begins between Toulouse and Thailand, when Jason Valax, at the time a student in the marketing of innovative technologies and passionate about music, thought of this idea. “I realized that I would have a lot of trouble in my professional life if I did not manage to orient it in the direction of my passion”, he explains to us by telephone. Once his studies were completed, he joined the music industry sector for three and a half years, before embarking on his project full time. Its goal: to put artificial intelligence at the service of music in the best possible way, for as many people as possible. In September 2019, the company was created.

Music, a subjective vocabulary

DNow, seven people (doctors in musicology, engineers in artificial intelligence, software and IT …) are working to refine the best possible version of AIbstract before its marketing, scheduled for next February. Operating on a monthly subscription system, the solution targets four types of audiences: organizations, the general public, musicians and content creators.

Each category will be provided with distinct functionalities. Regarding organizations, for example, the solution will intervene on the sound and musical dimension of brand identity, as well as on user experiences. For musicians, three axes will be proposed: creative, educational or even beginning of practice. Regarding the general public, the idea is simple. “Our ambition is that the user can express himself in natural language, that he can say ‘I would like music evocative of an urban environment in the 1930s …’ and that the AI ​​can process that. We want to develop a system allowing to compose qualitative music, and this thanks to the expression of the expectations and requirements of the user. ”

Nevertheless, the task is not easy. Indeed, “music is something very abstract, everyone goes a little with their own vocabulary and their own subjective appreciation”. Initially, the user will therefore have the choice between categories. “The music is then created ex-nihilo, it’s not pre-fabricated music that we just go and dig from a catalog. If the user asks for music from the same category a hundred times, it must have different results. ”

Man replaced by machine?

Asked about the potential danger of replacing man with machine, Jason Valax is adamant: out of the question. “In the team we are all passionate about music and musicians, we have no intention of making our solution a threat. According to him, AIbstract targets areas unattainable by artists and composers, notably on the question of personalized music. “Artists have limits, first of all time and skills. You can’t call a composer at 11 a.m. for a composition at 2 p.m. But we will not be an alternative. We just want to allow these services to users who otherwise would not have had access to them, because of their costs, for example. “Moreover, he affirms it: this service will never have the fundamental properties of the human being: emotion, personality …” Moreover, we market a creation service, not music. There will never be the same emotional attachment. ”

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