Wednesday, January 26

Vaccine pass. “Not responsible”: the rant of Jean Castex after the suspension of the debates

“It is not responsible”. At the opening of the questioning session to the government on Tuesday, Prime Minister Jean Castex did not fail to express his anger after the suspension of the examination in the National Assembly of the bill aimed at transforming the health pass into vaccine pass. The head of government was particularly angry against the “political coup” deputies The Republicans, who voted Monday evening for this suspension of debates.

Telling the current figures of the epidemic, marked by an increase in hospitalization and death, the Prime Minister considered that France was engaged “in a race against time”. “The virus is galloping and you are pulling on the handbrake,” lamented Jean Castex. “During this time, some are doing their best (sic) to make political moves to slow down the debate. This purely irresponsible “, hammered the Prime Minister, calling for” to restore order and serenity “in the debates.

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“What do our fellow citizens think of these jokes, do you think they enhance the public debate? What do our committed caregivers think, who don’t stop at midnight? “, Again launched the head of government under the jeers of the benches of the right.

A snub for the government

The government suffered a snub in the chamber on Monday evening when it saw the deputies refuse to continue examining the bill overnight transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass, which was to come into force on January 15.

If the work will resume on Tuesday evening, the executive showed its annoyance on Tuesday by mainly targeting LR. “I do not understand any more that after a certain number of officials of your party voted for the vaccination pass, that last night 32 deputies voted against”, notably creaked Jean Castex.

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