Tuesday, January 18

VG must show Serie A

Happy New Year message to all Norwegian Serie A fans: VG has secured the rights to show the Italian football league.

ZLATAN TO THE PEOPLE: Now you can see Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the other stars of Serie A on VG + Sport.

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As early as next Thursday, you can sit down for the Serie A marathon when all 20 teams on the men’s side, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud, Morten Thorsby and Stefan Strandberg, will be in action. Matches you see as a subscriber to VG + Sport.

Frequently Asked Questions: This is VG + Sport

– To be able to show one of the world’s best football leagues every single week on VG + Sport, is something we are really looking forward to, says rights manager in VG Aslân Farshchian.

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Serie A has previously been shown in Norway on Viasat, TV 2 and the streaming service Strive, but since the start of the current season, the league has not had any Norwegian licensees. VG has initially secured the rights for the last half of the season.

– I am very happy that VG has received the rights to Serie A. Finally, it will also be possible for Norwegian football fans to follow Italian football. I promise many exciting matches and a lot of good entertainment throughout the spring, says Sampdoria and national team player Morten Thorsby.

With more and more Norwegians in the manege, rights manager Farshchian is looking forward to showing the matches in the Italian men’s league.

– With almost all the reigning European champions, Zlatan and several Norwegian national team profiles on the field, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

See Thursday’s matches which are broadcast on VG + Sport at the bottom of the article.

All you need to watch the matches and other live sports is a subscription with VG + Sport.

If you bought VG + before 15 June 2021, you have automatic access to VG + Sport. If you have purchased VG + after 15 June, you must upgrade your subscription to VG + Sport to watch the matches. You can upgrade your subscription here.

As a subscriber, in addition to Serie A, you get to see the NBA, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey, the qualifying matches for the U21 national team and a number of Norwegian training matches at VG + Sport this spring. Here you will find a continuous overview of upcoming matches.

These are the matches VG + Sport will show next Thursday:

Serie A, round 20

  • Kl. 12.30: Bologna – Inter
  • Kl. 12.30: Sampdoria – Cagliari
  • Kl. 2.30pm: Lazio – Empoli
  • Kl. 14.30: Spezia – Hellas Verona
  • Kl. 16.30: Atalanta – Turin
  • Kl. 16.30: Sassuolo – Genoa
  • cl. 18.30: Milan – Rome
  • Kl. 18.30: Salernitana – Venice
  • Kl. 8.45pm: Fiorentina – Udinese
  • cl. 20.45: Juventus – Napoli


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