Tuesday, January 18

“We are the right which will not lower our eyes”: Eric Zemmour presents his wishes to his teams

Eric Zemmour spoke to his teams on Tuesday, just over four months before the first round of the presidential election.

The candidate of the Reconquest party wanted to mobilize his troops and insisted on the unity founded to carry out the project so that it integrates the Elysee. He has indeed insisted on the fact that some of his supporters come from the Republican camp, “more and more numerous” since the defeat in the primary of the right of his “friend” Eric Ciotti, he said.

He also wanted to salute those defectors from the National Rally, and who “have fought for so many years”, but also people from the left who have joined his side. In total, Eric Zemmour boasted of a recent accession of 75,000 new members of the Reconquest party, in one month.

Encompassing all these supports, Eric Zemmour insisted that “we are the right which will keep our word, we are the right which will not lower our eyes, we are the right which is fighting to win the next elections, but also to save the next generations “.

“I know that the French will be able to count on us”, he affirmed. “It’s more than a political adventure, it’s an existential adventure”.


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