Friday, January 28

Wearing a mask: controls are stepped up

It is again compulsory outside, the wearing of the mask. In spite of the constraint which it generates, this measure meets few recalcitrant and this in spite of the almonds which begin to fall.

Police officers who randomly control passers-by in this busy area of ​​the capital. The measure entered into force on December 31. Most Parisians know this with a few exceptions. “Maybe it’s just a lack of information, it’s a recent measure. Afterwards, when you ask people, there is little reluctance to wear the mask and generally it goes quite well ”.

But faced with provocations and far-fetched justifications, the police do not hesitate to verbalize. Like this young man who says he lost his mask after his swimming pool session. This does not pass with the police.

“Everyone is informed that we are in a situation of health crisis. It is never a pleasure to be fined 135 euros, but people understand why we are here and the meaning of our approach ”.

In some cities, the mask is now mandatory outdoors from the age of 6.

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