Wednesday, January 26

Weather forecast: a sudden drop in temperatures expected this week

So far, 2022 has been illustrated by such good weather for January that it seems suspicious. But winter has not said its last word and should be remembered fondly: maritime polar air is expected in France this week.

A vast low pressure system is in fact advancing from Scandinavia towards the Mediterranean basin. He brings the cold, the rain, the wind and probably even the snow with him.

Yesterday, Monday January 3, the good weather and the mildness were generally still in order in the south of the country, but the rain and the wind progressed during the day from Brittany towards the Paris basin, Normandy, Hauts-de- France then the Grand Est. According to Meteo France, this disturbance will continue to affect the northern half of France today, until it reaches New Aquitaine.

Temperatures will drop sharply from tomorrow, Wednesday, reaching seasonal averages. Snow could fall on the Vosges, the Massif Central, the Jura and the north of the Alps from an altitude of 300 meters. On the western part of the Pyrenees, snowflakes will appear from 500 meters. The mistral and the tramontane will blow steadily, contributing to the ambient cold.

Thursday the weather will be fine in the south, except in Corsica where the showers will be numerous. Rain will also fall on Brittany and snow will persist in the east, but clearings are expected during the day, from regions of the southwest to the north of the Seine.

The weekend will be more disrupted, with several disruptions crossing the country between Friday and Sunday. On the program: rain and snow in the mountains, even in the plains in the east of the country. The Mediterranean rim will be more spared but the temperatures will remain seasonal: winter is finally here.

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