Tuesday, January 18

American motorists stranded for more than 24 hours on a highway because of a winter storm (video)

Many motorists were stranded for more than 24 hours in their vehicles on a highway in the northeast of the United States due to a winter storm that blanketed the region in snow and caused many trees to fall. They were finally released on Tuesday.

An 86-kilometer stretch of I-95, leading to the U.S. capital Washington, had closed on Tuesday as authorities scrambled to make lanes obstructed by tree trunks, immobilized trucks, snow piles and patches passable. of ice. “There are no longer any stranded people”, the Virginia Department of Transportation said in a tweet Tuesday evening, believing that “less than 20 vehicles to be removed from the highway before the snow plows come to remove snow and ice from the traffic lanes “.

The storm that hit the region on Monday deposited about twenty centimeters of snow, paralyzing the capital Washington and notably blocking President Joe Biden in his Air Force One plane for half an hour. More than 200,000 homes remained without electricity in Virginia on Tuesday, as well as tens of thousands of others in the neighboring state of Maryland, according to the specialized site Power Outage.


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