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Bjerketvedt against NFF exit – will clarify the future within «a few months»

Pål Bjerketvedt’s time as general secretary of the Norwegian Football Association is coming to an end. The 61-year-old has already notified colleagues and President Terje Svendsen about this.

AGAINST JOB CHANGE: Pål Bjerketvedt is now thinking of a suitable end date in his work as Secretary General of the Norwegian Football Association.

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– I’m in the think tank to decide on an end date in the NFF. I will turn 62 in three months. I will pass five years in the job in a few weeks. So in a few months I will have a predictability for my own future, Bjerketvedt says to VG.

He had his first working day as the NFF administration’s top manager on 6 February 2017. Almost five years later, Bjerketvedt’s time is coming to an end.

– I have talked to the family, colleagues and the president about it. It is mostly to start a process, says the mossing.

VG knows that Bjerketvedt’s upcoming resignation as general secretary has been a topic among key figures in Norwegian football recently.

– When do you envisage quitting?

– Whether it is now or next year, is something I want to decide on eventually. I’m not there yet. But I have been a top manager continuously since 1994 in six different companies. Before I retire properly, I have thoughts of doing other things in life. The decision is composed of many considerations and motives.

HAS TALKED WITH SVENDSEN: Pål Bjerketvedt has notified outgoing NFF president Terje Svendsen that he envisages resigning as general secretary.

I 2020 Bjerketvedt apologized for the treatment of Erik Loe, as received a secret compensation of 150,000 kroner after being insulted by the Secretary-General – who in turn had been blown as a source by Josimar.

For years conflict with former top judge Svein-Erik Edvartsen has also marked Bjerketvedt’s time as NFF top. The case has cost the football association several million kroner.

According to Bjerketvedt, his own thoughts about leaving the NFF have nothing to do with trust or mistrust internally.

– Absolutely not. It was a very special case that I do not want to go into now, but it is only a parenthesis if you look five years back in time. As a top leader, it is inevitable to end up in conflicts once in a while. I experience it as a speed bump on the road.

– How do you experience the job as general secretary now?

– First and foremost, it is a privilege to have this job in such an exciting and dynamic organization. When you ask about the job as such in these pandemic times, it is for me like others in working life, different than it normally is. It is the state of emergency, emergency solutions and infection control that characterize everyday life. That’s it. But you can still not choose your agenda as a top manager all the time. It is the environment that controls it.

– Does your plan to quit the NFF have anything to do with Terje Svendsen announcing that he is stepping down as president?

– It has no connection. The first time I started thinking about the duration of my own involvement in the NFF, was after I had a stroke in 2018. Then I had a need to have perspective on how long I should be in the NFF, and then I thought five or six years, says Bjerketvedt.

– Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do after you finish your NFF job?

– Yes, I have it. But I do not intend to share that yet.

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