Sunday, May 22

Brazil: Bolsonaro announces on Twitter that he can leave the hospital

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on September 15, 2021 in Brasilia EVARISTO SA

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced early Wednesday on Twitter that he had been cleared by his doctors to leave Sao Paulo hospital “now” where he was admitted on Monday on suspicion of bowel obstruction.

“Leave now,” tweeted the 66-year-old head of state, posting a photo where he is still bedridden, surrounded by his four doctors, all thumbs up like him, without specifying whether his discharge from the Vila hospital Nova Star had already taken place.

The president has recovered from the intestinal sub-obstruction for which he had to be hospitalized urgently before dawn on Monday, his doctors announced on Tuesday, specifying that he would not have to undergo another surgery at the abdomen.

Since the stabbing attack of which he was the victim in September 2018, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Jair Bolsonaro has suffered a succession of alerts and four bowel operations.

According to the latest bulletin published by the Vila Nova Star Hospital on Tuesday evening, Mr. Bolsonaro “has evolved with good acceptance of the liquid diet that was offered to him during the day, which led to the withdrawal of the nasogastric tube” .

Nine months before the presidential election, the far-right head of state had to leave his vacation spot in the southern and seaside state of Santa Catarina overnight from Sunday to Monday because of severe abdominal pain.

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