Thursday, May 19

Covid-19. In Spain, a mother accused of abducting her children to prevent their vaccination

She wanted to prevent her ex-husband from vaccinating them against Covid-10: a mother was taken into police custody this Wednesday in southern Spain. This 46-year-old woman was wanted for “stealing minors” since a complaint lodged on December 16 by her former companion, living near Seville (in Andalusia).

The latter had indicated that he had not heard from his two children, aged 12 and 14, since the beginning of November, and accused his ex-wife of having removed them to prevent him from having them vaccinated against Covid. Actively wanted, the forties finally presented herself to justice “Wednesday morning” in Seville, in the company of “her two children”, said a judicial source.

The two children handed over to their father

The judge in charge of the case immediately warned the Civil Guard, since there was a “wanted notice”, and the latter “warned the father” of the two teenagers, it was specified.

According to a spokesperson for the Civil Guard, the two minors, who have not been to school since early November, were handed over to their father early Wednesday afternoon. The mother of the family has been placed in police custody, waiting to be brought to justice, added this source.

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