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Covid-19. The worrying surge in the number of child hospitalizations

This is the consequence both of the very strong viral circulation of the Delta and then Omicron variants, and of the non-vaccination of the youngest in a context where schools remain open without any real health protocol: children’s hospitalizations are soaring. at new levels.

284 children aged 0 to 9 hospitalized

Nearly 300 children aged 0 to 9 were hospitalized with a Covid-19 on Tuesday evening – exactly 284. A number that has doubled in two weeks. At the end of October, they were only … 34.

This surge is reflected in the number of weekly admissions of children to hospital: whether they are 0-9 years or 10-19 years, it is soaring, especially for the youngest.

Over 250 admissions in a single week

For the week of December 27 to January 2, 2022, more than 250 young children were admitted to hospitals in France with a Covid-19 infection. And more than 100 aged 10 to 19 – partially vaccinated.

The scenario is the same, quite logically, in intensive care and critical care: this Tuesday, January 4, no less than 64 children were currently in intensive care in France because of a serious form of Covid-19, a figure that is sharply increasing, has Minister of Health Olivier Véran indicated Tuesday in front of the deputies.

This evening there are 64 children hospitalized in pediatric intensive care for a serious covid, this is twice the maximum recorded in November or December with 30 children.

Olivier Véran

It’s also 10 more children than the day before, an increase of almost 20% in just 24 hours.

Responding to many questions from MPs on the pandemic figures for children, he stressed that since the start of the health crisis 28 deaths of minors had been recorded – 13 from 0 to 9 years old and 15 from 10 to 18 years old.

Of the 13 deaths among the youngest, nine have occurred in the past six months.

The risks for a child to have a severe form are very low, but there are some

Olivier Véran

Serious forms that are not so harmless

Serious forms that are not limited to hospitalizations: up to 20% of children retain the effects of the disease for several weeks or months … without knowing how long the symptoms will last in the long term. Children hospitalized in intensive care must also undergo a long rehabilitation on their release.

The minister stressed that the available studies, in particular American studies, showed “that a vaccinated child has much less risk of developing a serious form” of the disease.

Children now on the front line

The deputies decided on Tuesday, at the first reading of the bill, to set the age for the vaccination pass at 16 years, against 12 years in the initial project – a change validated by Mr. Véran.

Abroad too

New York health authorities alerted this weekend to an increase in the number of children hospitalized for Covid-19.

Admissions to state hospitals have “quadrupled” between the week of December 5 and that of December 19. Half are for children under 5, who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. These alarming figures appeared when the country recorded around 200,000 contaminations per day. The mark of one million daily contaminations was crossed on Tuesday, causing great concern:

When you have such a large volume of new infections, it can more than compensate for the decrease in the dangerousness of the virus, which is extraordinarily contagious.

Anthony Fauci, epidemiologist and Covid advisor to the White House

In fact, since then the increase has continued with more than 400 child hospitalizations each day. In New York, their number has quintupled in just one month.

In the United Kingdom also the number of hospitalized children is also soaring: it exceeded for the first time at the end of December the bar of one hundred hospitalizations in a single day.

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