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Doctor Kaveh Rashidi is looking for a young woman who can respond. Here I am!

  • Sayna Etminan (21)


A bill on clear marking of retouched images is not revolutionary enough, the author of the post believes.

Doctor Kaveh Rashidi is looking for a young woman who can respond. Here I am!

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I podcast «Good recovery» Doctor Kaveh Rashidi believes that “everything about the body and marketing to children and young people should be illegal, just like with smoking and alcohol”. He emphasizes: “All forms of retouching of advertising posters should be illegal.”

Host Cecilie Kåss Furuseth encourages Rashidi to write a column about it. But for fear of falling into the category of “well-adult men who write about how we should treat young women”, he rather calls for a young woman who can oppose the commercialization of the female body.

I am strongly opposed to retouching and marketing cosmetic procedures. And I’m like the girl who takes this fight for him.

Labeling is not enough

Notoriously retouched bodies can not continue to be the ideals children strive for. Then the marking of such fabricated structures is not dramatic enough.

Unnatural legs and buttocks can never keep a promise of better self-confidence and less insecurity, says Sayna Etminan (21).

In the midst of carefully adjusted faces and a pile of implants stand insecure girls trying to emulate the ideals. Then they use discount codes for “bigger tits” or “browner skin”.

Unnatural legs and buttocks promise better self-confidence and less insecurity. But they can never keep that promise. Continuous surgery and correction of appearance only maintains a beautifully painted reality.

Therefore, the bill on clear labeling of retouched body images is not revolutionary enough. It can not offset the authorized beauty tyranny that influencers, despotic profiles and commercial actors have cultivated.

Must be fatal to the industry

We need change that will be fatal to the body industry. A change that completely destroys profiting from girls’ insecurities.

Yes, exposing a 12-year-old to tobacco should be as unthinkable as digital body fetishism. Advertising useless beauty products and “magic” diet pills makes the body an object the buyer should change. It should thus be criminalized in the same way as drug advertising.

It is not girls’ faces and bodies that need to be edited, it is the beauty industry that needs to be reconstructed, writes the post author.

But influencers who promote unnatural faces and bodies, and the companies that pay for them, preach ideals that are incompatible with the actual female body. They are benefiting more and more from young women’s lack of self-esteem.

So the suggestion of only tagging retouched photos can be compared to telling your kid that he can steal as long as he confesses to the robbery afterwards. But an invisible crime is still a crime.

Must stop retouching and fixing

If there is to be a real change in the ever-increasing uncertainty and fixation on the body among young people, we must disqualify all forms of retouching, advertising, promotion and commercial correction of appearance.

We need to talk about body as in health, rather than beauty. And we must create a fundamental distinction between weight and health.

It is not girls’ faces and bodies that need to be edited, it is the beauty industry that needs to be reconstructed. Only when we can tighten that industry can we normalize the natural human body.

So here’s your support, Kaveh Rashidi: It’s not enough just to notice. We must stop retouching!

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