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Erik Huseklepp joins Brann’s coaching team

Brann brings home one of the biggest in club history.

Huseklepp was a Brann player for two periods that stretched over more than a decade.

Erik Huseklepp will be Brann’s new assistant coach.

The club legend has followed Brann very closely as a Ballspark expert in the years since he resigned as a player at the Stadium in 2016.

Huseklepp will now again work with Eirik Horneland. The Brann coach had Huseklepp as a player in Haugesund.

– Fantastic opportunity for me. Everyone knows how much Fire means to me. To have the chance to be here, I really appreciate, says Huseklepp to BT.

He has also been playing assistant coach for FK Fyllingsdalen in the 3rd division. Then he worked in a team with Roy Wassberg, another old Brann hero, who before Christmas started in Brann as a sports leader in the talent initiative Kniksen Academy.

– I am new as a coach, but at the same time there is quite a bit I have not experienced in Brann. I have moved down, I have moved up, I have won gold and I have won silver. I’m going to learn a lot along the way, and I understand if people are skeptical of my lack of experience as a coach. But I believe in this, says Huseklepp.

Huseklepp had Horneland (left) as coach in Haugesund in 2017.

Replaces Loberto

There is a place “vacant” in Brann’s coaching staff, after Andrea Loberto’s contract expired at New Year. The assistant coach came to the club in the early summer, while Kåre Ingebrigtsen was still the coach.

BT could on Monday announce that Loberto can be finished at the club.

The current head coach Eirik Horneland had the job as assistant coach from the autumn of 2020 until he took over from Kåre Ingebrigtsen in the summer of 2021. Before Horneland, it was Robert Hauge who was the head coach’s closest man.

  • Huseklepp scored against Brann last year – see the goal here:

Huseklepp’s old coach partner, Roy Wassberg, answers BT about the appointment on Wednesday morning.

– Erik has many good qualities. I think he will be good one-on-one with these players. He has a good eye for the game and generally high football competence, says Wassberg.

– How has the collaboration between you been?

– Erik is very sociable, so it has gone well. He is easy to like, says Wassberg, who is the father of one of the players Huseklepp will now train, Niklas Jensen Wassberg.

Huseklepp scored in Brann’s home debut after 19 seconds.

The fire numbers

Huseklepp scored 68 goals in 308 games during his two periods as a Brann player. Only three players have more games for the club than the 37-year-old from Sandsli. Nine players have more goals than the former crowd favorite, who also stood out for the national team by winning the match against France and Portugal.

When BT named the 110 biggest players in Brann history, in connection with the club’s 110th anniversary in 2018, ended up House cover in 9th place.

Now a new chapter in Bergen’s Fire history can be written. After working for BT and TV 2 and, among other things, criticizing Brann, he will now take responsibility for the club’s development.

– That’s the job I’ve had. I do my job 100 percent, no matter what. I’ve had to be honest all the way. I do not see this as a problem in the job I am going to do, and I know that Brann sees it in the same way, says Huseklepp.

It is ten years ago Huseklepp last returned to Brann, then for his second period as a player.

– We get back Norwegian football’s biggest profile, said Brann’s then sales manager, Dag Frode Algerøy.

Rikard Norling appointed Erik Huseklepp as one of Brann’s vice-captains in 2014, together with Hassan El Fakiri. Erlend Hanstveit (center) was the boss.

Pamer: – Becomes a resource

BT’s commentator, Anders Pamer, jokes that Huseklepp must now quit Ballspark.

– As Ballspark’s “father”, on a day like this, I am first and foremost proud that Brann chooses Ballspark as a natural recruitment arena when they need professionals, says Pamer and follows up.

– A little more serious: Erik becomes a resource for Brann. He knows and loves the club. As a former player, he has a unique background. As a coach, he is a far more undescribed magazine, it is a fact that he has little experience.

– FK Fyllingsdalen did not achieve the goal either promotion from 3rd division while he was there?

– No, that’s right. And this is the coaching experience he has. It is natural with skepticism based on that, Pamer believes.

– At the same time: Erik has been underestimated many times since he was demoted to Vadmyra’s second best junior team as a 17-year-old. I do not go in that snare.

  • Listen to the Ballspark podcast:

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