Saturday, May 21

Grand Paris Express: an accident costs the life of a worker on the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station construction site

A worker died in a “dramatic accident” this Wednesday, January 5 on the site of the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station (93), intended to become the largest station of the future Grand Paris Express. An investigation is underway.

The facts occurred, around 11:30 am, this Wednesday, January 5 in the morning, on the site of the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station of the Grand Paris Express station. According to the first information disseminated on the Twitter account of the Grand Paris Express, “a fall of material on the site would be at the origin of this accident”, during which “a companion died”, without giving further details.

The investigation “in progress” should make it possible to “determine the exact circumstances of the accident”, which remain unknown at this stage. “All our thoughts are with the family, relatives and colleagues of the victim”, could we read on the press release, affirming that “the community of the Grand Paris Express [était] deeply affected by this accident ”.

As a reminder, the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station is intended to become the future largest station of the Grand Paris Express. It should see about 250,000 travelers per day via four metro lines, the first of which are expected in 2024.

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