Wednesday, January 26

Horneland about the Huseklepp employment: – Much more important who you are than what you can

Eirik Horneland says it is Erik Huseklepp’s personal qualities that he has primarily been interested in bringing to Brann.

– Erik Huseklepp is a very nice guy, thinks Eirik Horneland.

On Wednesday morning, BT was able to announce that Brann is hiring Erik Huseklepp and Hassan El Fakiri as new assistant coaches in the team of head coach Eirik Horneland.

– We want to build a local anchorage in the club. Jimmi (Nagel Jacobsen, sports manager), me and Aksel Bergo (academy manager) come from outside. Then it is important that we also stimulate the local environment, especially when there are such competent people here, says Horneland.

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