Wednesday, May 18

Île-de-France: he threatens the police to commit a “shootout” in the event of new health measures

At least two police stations in Île-de-France received email threats on Monday, signed by an individual who promises to commit a “shootout” if new health measures were taken, the police headquarters of Paris this Wednesday, January 5, without giving further details. The investigation is ongoing.

“The police chief is filing a complaint following a threatening message against the police, received today by email in the Aubervilliers (93) and Boissy-Saint-Léger ( 94) “, had already communicated the institution Monday, January 3, announcing that an investigation had been opened” to find the authors of these writings “.

A threat taken seriously

Unveiling some details of this message received by at least two police stations in the Ile-de-France region, the Paris police headquarters explained on Wednesday that this “individual” – whose identity and profile is unknown at this stage of the investigations – threatened ” to commit a shootout in a police station ”and“ if he were to be subjected to new sanitary measures ”.

A threat taken very seriously by the Paris police headquarters, which has launched several preliminary investigations for “threats to persons holding public authority”, and entrusted to the Brigade for the repression of delinquency against people (BRDP).

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