Tuesday, May 17

Investigation. Feminicide of Mérignac: the sanctions against the police officers confirmed by the boss of the police

The Director General of the National Police (DGPN), Frédéric Veaux, announced on Wednesday to AFP that he had confirmed the sanctions proposed Tuesday by the disciplinary boards before which five police officers appeared in connection with the feminicide of Mérignac. These sanctions, ranging from a warning to three days of temporary suspension of office, concern two police commissioners (the departmental director of public security of Gironde Martin Levrel and the commissioner of Mérignac), two commanders and a brigadier.

“It was taken into account the regrets expressed by the staff, mistakes and errors made”, commented Frédéric Veaux to AFP. Underlining the speed with which the process took place up to the disciplinary council, the boss of the national police judged that “it was indeed all the responsibilities” that had been taken into account. He noted that the passage in disciplinary council was “always a very difficult moment” and had “significant personal and psychological consequences” for the police officers concerned.

What are the sanctions ?

The Gironde Departmental Police Director receives a warning and the Mérignac commissioner receives a 3-day suspended temporary suspension. Frédéric Veaux explained that they were accused of “having failed to inform their hierarchy and the inspection mission” of the conviction for violence on his ex-wife of the police officer who had incorrectly recorded the complaint of Chahinez on March 15. Daoud.

The two commissioners will also know “a new assignment”. The police officer concerned by the registration of the complaint was removed from the police force, the court having withdrawn his right of eligibility for one year.

The officers referred to the disciplinary council on Tuesday, the commander of the West division and his deputy, are each sanctioned by 3 days of temporary suspension of duty. One brigadier out of the two returned, appeared in Bordeaux on Tuesday, the other, a woman, having finally obtained a postponement for health reasons. He was given a warning.

Tuesday, the lawyer for the parents and relatives of the victim, Julien Plouton, expressed his satisfaction with the sanctions proposed by the disciplinary boards. “I note with satisfaction,” he told AFP, “that the proposals come to sanction all levels of the police hierarchy and sanction the multiple breaches of the procedure and not only the action of the police on the front line of the investigation. “.


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