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Lindvik lost the victory in Bischofshofen: – Will be a hell of a job tomorrow

Marius Lindvik (23) and Halvor Egner Granerud (25) ended up on the podium Bischofshofen, but both had to be beaten by joint leader Ryoyu Kobayashi (25).

THE WINNING MISS: Marius Lindvik had to disappointly realize that he did not take care of the lead he had before the final round in Bischofshofen.

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Lindvik led with 5.7 points down to Kobayashi before the final round, but there the Japanese was in a class of its own and took its third victory in a row in the German-Austrian jumping week.

Thus, Kobayashi also increased the lead in the jumping week summary before the fourth and final race. The Japanese have 17.9 points to go down to Lindvik before a new race awaits in Bischofshofen on Thursday.

– I’m not happy about that, that is, unfortunately. It’s close, but yes … Then it will be a hell of a job tomorrow, Lindvik says to TV 2 after the victory slipped.

– Based on the fact that Kobayashi has delivered so well, I think it will be difficult to take 17 points tomorrow. No, it’s going to be difficult, I think.

Halvor Egner Granerud was also in the victory battle before the final round, and was in third place before the race was to be decided. When he jumped into the lead with a jump of 135.5 meters, the podium place was secured, and the pressure was put on the two remaining at the top.

Kobayashi handled the pressure very well, and with 137.5 meters he took the lead with a full 8.9 points down to Granerud.

Then only Lindvik was left at the top, but the 23-year-old failed to discipline Kobayashi. The Norwegian jumped 135.5 meters, but was very deep in the landing. Then he was severely punished on the style, and had to see himself beaten by 4.7 points by Kobayashi.

– I’m getting a little eager. I try to thin out a few meters at the end and then it gets a little too bad style as well, so that’s how it is, Lindvik says about his final jump.

With a victory on Thursday, Kobayashi will win all four races in the jumping week for the second time in his career. He also managed it when he won the 2018/19 edition of the jumping week.

Slovenian Lovro Kos was in third place in the summary after two of four races in the jumping week, but after a jump of 136 meters he thundered on the ground in his first competition jump in Bischofshofen. Thus, he was deducted many style points, and much of the combined opportunities for the 22-year-old were wasted.

FALL: Slovenian Lovro Kos lost control in the crash in the first round.

Johann André Forfang was in ninth place after a good jump of 134.5 meters in the first round, but after 123.5 meters in the final round he dropped down the list and finished as number 16.

Robert Johansson was in 13th place after before the second round, and there he climbed to seventh place after a jump of 135 meters under harsh conditions.

Daniel André Tande finished third in the qualification, but did not make it in the first round. After a jump of 125.5 meters, he lost his duel against Polish Dawid Kubacki, and did not advance to the final round.

Joacim Ødegaard Bjøreng and Fredrik Villumstad failed to qualify for the race.

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