Tuesday, January 18

Loïc Signor’s editorial: “Emmanuel Macron plays the score between two camps”

In his editorial of this Wednesday, January 5, Loïc Signor, journalist from CNEWS, looks back on the recent words of Emmanuel Macron which set fire to the powder in the National Assembly. The Head of State affirmed his desire to “piss off the unvaccinated”.

It is true that we had left the president – before the holidays – on a mea culpa: I have a “will to jostle” he said, but I regret the “hurtful” remarks. It must be said that from “crossing the street” to “people who are nothing” through “the crazy money, the refractory Gauls or the lazy”; Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term was marked by these shocking formulas.

From this point of view, the Macron 2022 strongly resembles the Macron that we know; frank and direct for some / arrogant and contemptuous for others. But then why take such a risk within 100 days of the presidential election? Well quite simply because Emmanuel Macron can afford it: popularity rating at the highest / at the top of the voting intentions in all the polls and opponents in dispersed order.

Where certain little phrases may have cost him dearly in the past, this could achieve the desired objective: to side with the French who for two years have been complying with the rules of covid: respecting confinements, curfews, the vaccination. Emmanuel Macron plays the score between two camps; 90% of French people vaccinated against others.

Is this the role of a President of the Republic: of course not. Is he still the president of all French people? Less and less. But is it really the president speaking? Certainly not. By taking this risk, Emmanuel Macron descends into the presidential arena. Without saying it or almost, he has just entered the candidate’s costume; with the recipe for 2017: shake up everyone.

“I do not let extremes speak the truth” he confided to me one day off the microphone on the sidelines of a trip; It was at the start of the quinquennium. At the time, no Zemmour on the horizon but already, a style, similar to the two men.

When Macron does Macron, he automatically also does Zemmour and vice versa. Because in fact, Macron and Zemmour are two sides of the same coin: that of radicalism, of permanent brilliance. Nothing in common from the point of view of ideas, of course, but a populist desire to speak to the people, like the people, for the people.

Zemmour / Macron, it is not yet the duel of the second round to believe the polls but their style will inevitably guide the 2022 campaign; brutality, radicality. With the risk at the end of putting the French back to back and for the elected president, the inability to reconcile them.


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