Friday, January 21

Noisy vehicles: Date, fine … Everything you need to know about the sound radar

Too noisy vehicles are now in the crosshairs of the authorities. The installation of sound radars should make it possible to fine motorists, motorcyclists and truck drivers whose vehicles exceed a certain number of decibels. The goal is to fight against noise pollution.

Who is concerned ?

From this Wednesday, January 5, seven French communities will welcome their first sound radars for an experimental phase, on one or more very specific axes. Drivers traveling in the cities of Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Bron (metropolitan area of ​​Lyon), Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine) and Villeneuve-le-Roi (Val-de-Marne), as well as Saint-Forget ( Yvelines) will be the first concerned.

The maximum sound level of these devices is set at 90 decibels (initially) and they will activate as soon as this limit is crossed like speed cameras. Thus, a motorized two-wheeler, a car, a van, a heavy truck, etc. emitting a sound level higher than the set threshold would be fined.

The sound radars will be intended to be generalized throughout the national territory, warns the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which adds “subject to the adoption of a lasting legislative device”. No date concerning their generalization has, for the time being, been communicated.

When will the verbalization be launched?

The government explains that the launch of sound radars in these seven communities will be accompanied by a test phase for each of the devices. Consequently during the first three months, until the beginning of April 2022, the sound radars will be tested there but without finding any infringements.


Once the three months of experimentation have passed, as soon as a vehicle exceeds the limit tolerated by 90 decibels by these radars, it will be flashed. The offender will then receive a fine of 135 euros, specifies the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

This is a 4th class fine, which may be reduced to 90 euros in the event of payment within 15 days of receipt of the report.

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