Wednesday, May 18

Normandy: dismantling of a team specializing in home jacking

It is the end of a large traffic of stolen cars in Normandy. The gendarmes of the Caen Research Section dismantled a team of criminals specializing in home-jacking, with the arrest of the criminals.

This team would consist of two individuals in their twenties, unfavorably known to the courts.

They are suspected of having used drones to locate certain properties in Calvados (14) and Eure (27) in Normandy, in order to commit burglaries. Home jacking consists of breaking into the home of a victim in their presence in order to steal property, and in particular car keys, without attracting attention.

60 gendarmes mobilized

This team of criminals is suspected of having thus stolen 24 vehicles, mainly “large German cars, in particular of the Audi brand”, specifies the gendarmerie in a press release, for a total damage of more than 600,000 euros. “The stolen vehicles are used to honor orders for vehicles stolen for criminal purposes for an organized gang in Rouen”, she adds.

A judicial operation was launched on December 14, comprising 60 gendarmes from the departmental gendarmerie groups of Eure and Calvados, the Research Section of Caen and Rouen, but also three surveillance and intervention platoons and a dog team.

It allowed the arrest of three criminals, who were placed in police custody. After a postponed hearing, they will be presented again on January 14 for immediate appearance. Pending this next judgment, two of them were remanded in custody, and the third under judicial supervision.

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