Friday, January 21

Paris. Prison warden catches lawyer and inmate having sex

A supervisor at the Paris Health Prison found himself in a somewhat embarrassing situation on the afternoon of Monday, January 3. As reported by our colleagues from Parisian, the prison officer discovered a lawyer and her client, an inmate, having sex in a visiting room.

The supervisor entered the room after noticing through a glass space that the two individuals, who are cohabiting, looked “quite agitated”, according to one of his colleagues interviewed by the Paris daily.

A sexual relation in a visiting room can indeed prove to be problematic, because it can favor the introduction into the prison “of certain things like a telephone, drugs or even a weapon”, underlines the same source. And during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, prison supervisors want to avoid any risk of contamination subsequently leading to a cluster in the prison.

An “incident report” made

Also according to Le Parisien, the agent who surprised the part of the legs in the air obviously alerted his hierarchy. An “incident report” was made and the prison administration made a report to the prosecution and to the Paris bar.

The two cohabiting partners could be punished: a few days in a disciplinary quarter for the detainee, and a reprimand or a removal from the bar for the legal professional, specifies Le Parisien.

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