Sunday, January 16

Paris: what is the risk of leaving your Christmas tree in the street?

Judged little citizen, the act of placing his tree on the sidewalk is even punishable by a fine. But in fact, many Parisians don’t care or are simply unaware that there are alternatives.

While some French municipalities themselves organize the collection of trees that will be left in front of houses and buildings, the City of Paris offers an alternative, by setting up until January 20 more than a hundred collection points, where the trees thus recovered will be recycled to become shredded and reused as natural fertilizer.

An act punishable by a fine of 135 euros

However, do we have the right to place our tree at the foot of the building? By law, the answer is no. Moreover, abandoning your Christmas tree is even punishable by a fine of 135 euros for “wild deposit”. But it would still be necessary that the person committing this act of incivism is taken with his hand in the bag by a sworn agent to then be fined, “which never happens”, we are told at the Hôtel de City.

But then what becomes of the trees abandoned on the sidewalk? If they are greater than 2.5 meters, they will be picked up by the city services and then dropped off at one of the 173 collection points available throughout Paris, to be crushed and transformed into fertilizer, and if they are more small, they will be evacuated by the services of the Department of Cleanliness and Water (DPE) and will be incinerated.

It should be noted that before the Paris municipality set up these collection points in the winter of 2017-2018, almost all of the Christmas trees “were deposited on the sidewalks, where they cluttered the public space, before being collected and incinerated in the same way as household waste, ”recalls the Town Hall.

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