Friday, January 21

Pensions: everything that changes in 2022

As every year, several changes are expected with regard to pensions, in particular those in certain sectors.

Revaluation of pensions or the provision of new services … the approximately 17 million retirees currently in our country, according to DREES, the statistical service of social ministries, will indeed, to varying degrees, experience some changes.

On the other hand, concerning the thorny pension reform, it is today at a standstill.

Covid-19 crisis requires, the executive affirms that “the conditions are not yet met” to put this highly explosive reform back on the table.

increase in basic pensions

Raised by 0.4% in January 2021, basic pensions are now revalued by 1.1% in 2022. A figure which is in line with the estimate of the Social Security Accounts Commission.

Note that only the basic pensions of lawyers are not affected by this rate, which increases by 1%.

revaluation of the pensions of collaborating spouses of farmers

This measure, adopted by Parliament on December 9, 2021, concerns 214,000 people. It increases their pension by 100 euros per month on average.

As recalled Capital, collaborating spouses earn an average of 604 euros per month when they have validated 150 quarters and 307 euros in other cases.

increase in supplementary pensions

While many supplementary pension plans are on the rise in 2022, all the rates are not yet known.

The increase in pensions from the complementary scheme for self-employed workers (RCI) is 1.1%. It should be the same for the supplementary pension of civil service contract workers.

At the same time, the Liberals affiliated to the Interprofessional Provident and Old Age Insurance Fund will not benefit from these revaluations.

New online services

During the year, many online services will be set up.

People wishing to find out about their future retirement pension can make an appointment directly online, via the website of

During the first half of 2022, they will also be able to report an error directly online or add missing career elements.

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