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Presidential 2022. In Bordeaux, Jadot’s eco-anxiety in the face of a “complicated campaign”

The environmentalist presidential candidate Yannick Jadot tried this Wednesday in Bordeaux to re-mobilize his troops in the face of a “complicated campaign”, while noting his difficulty in establishing himself in the public debate.

The campaign trip to the Bordeaux region of the MEP, transported with his troops and journalists by buses that “run on rapeseed”, followed his routine this Wednesday at noon, with the visit of a training center for apprentices (CFA) in Artigues.

Then the candidate jumped from his chair in the canteen of the center where he had just eaten to deliver a speech mobilizing the elected officials present.

“We have a complicated campaign,” he exclaimed, immediately specifying that he was speaking of “public debate” in general and not of his own candidacy, which languishes in the polls and is under pressure from a potential competition from Christiane Taubira who plans to be a candidate in mid-January.

“We are heard less when we make proposals on the public hospital than when (Emmanuel Macron) says he wants to ‘piss off'” the unvaccinated, plagued Yannick Jadot.

The French will recognize those who have a clear line

While some, even in his political family, reproach him for not having been a driving force in the union of the left finally proposed by the socialist Anne Hidalgo and Christiane Taubira, he asked: “We must not do complicated things, the French will recognize those who have a clear line ”.

He urged: “Do not be afraid of what we think, that’s how we won in Bordeaux” in the municipal elections of 2020, where the ecological mayor Pierre Hurmic, present on Wednesday, rallied the socialists behind him .

“Little by little, the projects will be confronted with each other and we will be the enthusiastic campaign”, promised Yannick Jadot, who summed up: “Do not play defensive”. An activist then began chanting “Jadot president”, but was little followed.

No change of strategy, ecology at the heart of the project

A little earlier, the candidate reiterated his call for “Christiane Taubira, with her talent, to join the campaign of environmentalists”. But this week, the former Minister of Justice is making three campaign trips, in preparation for his possible candidacy.

Talk about the bottom and not just the protrusions

Senator Sophie Taillé-Polian, head of Generations, the movement founded by Benoît Hamon who supports Yannick Jadot, also notes a difficult campaign. “We may make proposals, it is difficult for that to emerge,” she slips to AFP. “We hope that we are going a little, just a little, to talk about the substance and not just the projections, the belching, presidential or other”, criticizes Ms. Taillé-Polian.

Shouldn’t environmentalists change their strategy? “We bet on consistency. It’s difficult but it will pay off. Our priority given to the environment cannot be found elsewhere. Ecology sticks with the times ”.

Macron “anti-young”

Yannick Jadot is focusing in particular on youth, a category among others that allowed him to rise to 13.5% in the Europeans of 2019. It is to her that he devoted his trip on Wednesday.

“Does global warming worry you? “, He asked a student of the CFA, promising to answer” the eco-anxiety “of the new generation by his project of greening the country.

“And young people have been the most psychologically affected by the pandemic”, professed Yannick Jadot. “They were excluded from ‘whatever the cost’. The youngest president of the Fifth Republic is anti-young ”.

After visiting a food bank, he was to speak to the students of Sciences Po Bordeaux in the early evening.

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