Wednesday, May 18

Saint-Cloud: her coat remains stuck, a young woman dragged under a train

A young woman of 18 was the victim, this Tuesday, January 4 in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), of a terrible accident. Dragged under a train, she saw her right arm and one of her legs severed.

The young woman was getting out of a train on the U line of the Transilien when, when the doors were automatically closed, her coat got stuck behind her.

Unable to free himself when the train was leaving, the victim “was caught under the train for several meters” confided a police source to our colleagues from Parisian.

The drama made that “his arm was severed at the level of the shoulder and his leg at the level of the upper end of the tibia fibula”.

A member saved

Supported by the emergency services, the victim was transported to the Georges Pompidou hospital, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

She would then have undergone an operation of several hours, at the end of which the doctors succeeded in the feat of reimplanting one of the severed limbs, but not both. Indeed, if “his right leg could be saved”, “the amputation of his arm could not be avoided”.

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