Tuesday, January 18

SPORTS / UNSS Championships: break in equality between overseas and French students – Faxinfo

A member of the Meeting, Nadia Ramassamy, called on the government via an oral question without debate on the breach of equality between overseas and French students at the UNSS championships, the National Union of School Sport.

“For the period 2020-2024, the champions of all the French academies participate in the French championships – or have the opportunity to do so – for sports organized in pools, and the champions of each overseas territory are subject to a rotation system. The federal regulations of the UNSS provide that, each year, only the territory at the top of the list can send its academic champions to the French championships, ”explains the deputy.

In 2022, Guadeloupe will be in first position and will therefore be able to send its academic champions of basketball, handball, football, volleyball, rugby and other sports organized in groups to the French championships. “On the contrary, the champions of the academy of Reunion, Guyana or Martinique will be automatically and arbitrarily disqualified and will not be able to participate in the championships and this, whatever their level”, she points out. And to ask the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports “the reasons for the establishment of such a breach of equality, which arbitrarily excludes many young athletes for whom school sport could be a door to entry to high-level sport ”. She would also like to know whether the Minister, in his capacity as president of the UNSS, has foreseen any changes to the federal regulations in order to repeal this unjust rule which discriminates against overseas middle and high school students. (soualigapost.com)


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