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The experts predict: – Haaland chooses Real Madrid

Erling Braut Haaland is rumored to be the biggest clubs in the world. Here is the experts’ prediction of where he will end up.

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Major European media are speculating about Haaland’s future. “The decision will come soon”, Spanish Marca wrote on Monday night, Tuesday night they write that he will revive the war between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

– He chooses Real Madrid, because it is the biggest club and Haaland will play for the biggest club, says football commentator Heggelund to VG.

He has followed Italian Aerie A very closely and now comments on matches for VG.

– Real Madrid has won the Champions League 13 times and the new Santiago Bernabeu is ready for the autumn. With the new stadium, the club gets a new and fresh start, says Heggelund.

EXPERT: Football commentator Per-Jarle Heggelund.

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Haaland rumors intensify: – Only Erling who decides

Petter Veland is an expert on Spanish football and comments for Viaplay. He thinks Haaland chooses Real Madrid or Manchester City.

– City is a sporting very exciting project. They need the type. We also have the sentimental part with the father who has played it. This is how young boys like to dream. They also have the finances in order. But Real Madrid has a young exciting team underway, and he will probably get salt in the porridge there too, says Veland and laughs.

Agent Mino Raiola was ready before Christmas in his speech: Only Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid are relevant for the golden calf from Jæren.


– The wind is blowing towards the Spanish capital

Haaland has a contract with Borussia Dortmund until July 2024. According to Transfermarkt, the market value of Haaland is close to NOK 1.8 billion.

– The top has been reached if Haaland is in the Premier League now, then the next club change will be either to the side or a little down. In Real Madrid, he chooses “top notch”, but he can still take the small step up. I feel that the wind is blowing towards the Spanish capital, says Veland.

The Norwegian will have a buyout clause of 75 million euros from next summer, reported by, among others, the German major newspaper Bild.

Former national team coach and TV 2 expert Nils Johan Semb believes, in contrast to Heggelund and Veland, that it is a little more open.

– He fits well in all leagues due to his extreme skills and there is a high probability that he will succeed anyway, as long as he stays injury-free. I think maybe he fits very well in a league that plays a little open football with a short way to the goal, as in Germany. He had fit like a glove in Bayern Munich, but they have Robert Lewandowski, says Semb.

EXPERT: Former national team coach Nils Johan Semb.

The former national team coach also mentions the Premier League and Manchester City who have fantasy finances to offer.

– And it is often the case that money speaks. But it may be Barcelona that builds something new and exciting, but they have financial challenges. Real Madrid is an older and set team, but it is clear that with Kylian Mbappe and Haaland to Real Madrid together with Benzema and Vinicius – it would not have been so wrong, says Semb and laughs.

Can entice with Messi

None of the experts believe Haaland will end up in Italian football. In France, they agree that PSG is the only alternative.

– PSG can lure with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. But only Haaland knows if it is a dream to play with them, says Veland.

Real Madrid leads La Liga after 20 league rounds. Barcelona is number five. Haaland and Borussia Dortmund meet Eintracht Frankfurt next Saturday. Drotmund is nine points behind league leader Bayern Munich after 17 league rounds.

– We can speculate until we turn green in the face. But he wears the Real Madrid kit, says Heggelund.


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