Tuesday, May 24

The King of Morocco invited to Germany to “seal a new partnership”

(Belga) German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier invited King Mohammed VI of Morocco to Germany to “seal a new partnership between the two countries” after a diplomatic crisis that froze bilateral relations, according to the royal cabinet in Rabat .

In a message quoted in a press release from the royal cabinet released on Wednesday, Mr. Steinmeier sent an invitation to the Moroccan sovereign to make a “state visit to Germany” in order to “seal a new partnership between the two countries”, without specifying any dated. Last month, the Cherifian kingdom had let it be known that it was considering “relaunching bilateral cooperation” with Berlin after “positive and constructive” statements from the new German government. Rabat had suspended all contacts with the German embassy in Morocco on March 1 due to “deep misunderstandings” with Berlin. And since the Moroccan ambassador was recalled on May 6 for consultations, Berlin being notably accused of “hostile acts”, the post of German ambassador in Rabat has been vacant. Among the points of friction are Germany’s position on Western Sahara – criticism of the American decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed territory – but also the sidelining of Rabat in negotiations on the future. of Libya during a conference organized in Berlin in January 2020. Regarding the dispute over Western Sahara, the German president stressed that Berlin “considers the autonomy plan presented in 2007 as a serious and credible effort by Morocco and as a good basis to reach an agreement “, according to the Moroccan royal cabinet. To settle this armed conflict, Rabat, which claims the “Moroccanness” of the former Spanish colony, defends an autonomy plan under its sovereignty while the Sahrawi separatists of the Polisario Front are calling for a self-determination referendum. As for the Libyan file, Mr. Steinmeier expressed his “gratitude for the active commitment of the sovereign (Mohammed VI) for the peace process in Libya”, welcomes the cabinet. Finally, he recalls that Morocco is “an important investment site for German companies in Africa”. In 2019, Berlin imported goods worth 1.4 billion euros from the kingdom and exported 2.2 billion euros, according to official German figures. Germany is also one of the main bilateral donors with a total commitment of nearly 1.2 billion euros in 2020. Nearly 300 German companies are represented in Morocco, mainly in the economic centers of Casablanca and Tangier. (Belga)


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