Tuesday, May 17

The police do not rule out more arrests after the abduction in Tolga

Two men in their 20s have been arrested after a 20-year-old man was abducted in Tolga in Østerdalen on Sunday night.

Two people have been arrested in connection with the abduction case in Tolga.

The last arrest took place on Wednesday afternoon, the police say.

– The person was arrested a short time ago and will be questioned as soon as possible, it is said in a press release from the Innlandet police district which was sent out a little before 15 o’clock.

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the police confirmed that this arrest took place without drama. The man is scheduled to be questioned on Wednesday night, and he has not yet been appointed a defender.

– We do not rule out that there are more accomplices, or that there may be more arrests, says police attorney Vibeke Stolp Ekeland to NTB.

The police do not want to say whether they believe that the two arrested are the two who visited the 20-year-old in Tolga on Sunday night. The inland police district receives assistance from Kripos in the case.

– Young boy who regrets what he has done

Earlier Wednesday, police confirmed that they had made the first arrest in the case. The man was arrested and questioned on Tuesday and produced for custody on Wednesday afternoon.

Defender Harald Grape confirms to NTB that his client admits to having detained the 20-year-old in Tolga. The accused volunteered for the police.

The police requested four weeks custody in Wednesday’s prison meeting, something the accused, according to the defender, agreed to.

It was Labor Law / Østlendingen who first reported the first arrest in the case.

The defender of the first of the two arrested says his client volunteered because he has empathy with the victims and wants to make up for it.

– This is a young boy who regrets what he has done, Grape says to NRK.


It was the night before Sunday that several perpetrators broke into a house in Vingelen in Tolga and took a 20-year-old with them. The 20-year-old’s parents were also present during the incident. On Sunday night, the 20-year-old appeared on a train at Gardermoen.

The police have previously stated that the 20-year-old was shot during the incident, but have not wanted to disclose what injuries he suffered.

Helge Hartz, assistance lawyer for victims and his family, says they are informed about the arrest.

– I am aware that an indictment has been issued, and that custody has been requested. I have informed the family that there will be custody. We will talk more later, Hartz says to Arbeidets Rett.

Car found on farm

The local newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad has received unconfirmed information that the escape from the offended 20-year-old’s home after the abduction was dramatic.

According to the newspaper, the kidnappers drove off the road during the escape, after which they are said to have continued on foot and then obtained a taxi.

Farmer Hans Håkon Westlund (63) confirmed on Wednesday to Østlendingen that the wanted getaway car appeared in the middle between the potato warehouse and his garage in Stor-Elvdal.

He says he does not know exactly what happened on the farm.

– We do not have an overview of that. But the wanted people drove out of the road and drove across the field for 100-150 meters and turned up on the farm road and parked the car at such a distance that it was impossible to spot from the main house, he says.

According to the farmer on the farm, the police acted after the discovery of the car, looking for clues. They have so far not confirmed this to the newspaper.


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