Tuesday, May 24

UFC: Conor McGregor takes on Neymar on Instagram

UFC star Conor McGregor indirectly took aim at footballer Neymar on Instagram.

While he spends peaceful days in Brazil, where he goes on parties with friends while treating his ankle, the PSG player surely did not expect to receive the attack of an MMA fighter. And even less of the most famous of them.

The reason is simple. Neymar posed with his compatriot Charles Oliveira, UFC lightweight champion after notably beating Dustin Poirier a few weeks ago. And Conor McGregor, who remains on two losses against Poirier, dreams of facing “Do Bronx” for his return. He therefore decided to play the provocation card once again, as usual.

“I smoke them both”, posted “The Notorious” on the photo in question in an Instagram story. What to put “Ney” as a collateral victim.


The 33-year-old Conor McGregor is hoping to return to the UFC octagons in 2022. And even if it seems far from its best, there is no doubt that it will still cause a sensation.

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