Wednesday, May 18

United Kingdom: a remote island wants to recruit a bar owner … and a king

On the Isle of Piel, off the coast of the United Kingdom, the inhabitants are looking for a new bar manager, who will become their new “king”. To do this, they published a job offer that did not go unnoticed.

If it is unusual, the offer actually responds to a huge lack of attractiveness of the island. Indeed, Piel having an area of ​​only 10 hectares and having a capricious weather, living there seems unattractive. Moreover, only 10 people live on the island year round.

So, in order to recruit a new manager for the local bar Ship Inn, the authorities proposed to give a special status to the one who will accept this position: to become the king of the island.

A king sprayed with beer

According to The Guardian, the person who will be selected for the post of pub manager will have to perform a special ceremony. First of all, this person will have to sit down on his “throne” before being doused with buckets of beer.

The missions of this new monarch will be to manage the infrastructure of the bar, which is 200 years old, as well as monitor the local fauna, maintain the ruins of the castle and liaise with tourists arriving by ferry.

Candidates for this position will have to show “white paw” and their contract will last ten years, from the start of the tourist season next April.

“You will need to show dedication and a strong passion for seclusion and peace and quiet. You need a special personality, ”said John Murphy, the island’s tourist guide for 40 years, with the Guardian.

The name of the future king of the island will be revealed in January and his symbolic enthronement will be in March.

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