Monday, May 16

Unusual. Dressed as the Queen of England for Halloween, the girl receives a letter from Windsor

With her pastel blue coat, hat, white wig and two corgis, little Jalayne, only one year old, looked like two drops of water like Elizabeth II for Halloween. Her parents, who live in Kentucky, United States, posted photos to Facebook that were widely shared and commented on.

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Insider recount that the parents had fun sending the Queen of England a photo of the little one. It took two months, but they finally received a response signed by someone close to the Queen and bearing the seal of Windsor Castle.

The queen, inseparable from her dogs

“Her Majesty was delighted to see the picture of your daughter, Jalayne, in her splendid outfit,” she thanked them. Information about the Queen’s dogs was also attached to the mail. The queen’s love for corgis is indeed well known: she has had over 30 of them in her lifetime.

“We were euphoric, and honestly a bit in shock,” Jalayne’s mother said. It will always be a wonderful memory. “

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