Wednesday, May 18

Who wants to be my partner? : Everything about Anthony Bourbon, the young millionaire of 34 years

34-year-old Anthony Bourbon made his fortune with his nutrition brand Feed. And he’ll be one of the new investors to appear in season 2 of “Who Wants To Be My Partner?” on M6, which starts this Wednesday.

Born in Bordeaux in 1988, Anthony Bourbon reveals having grown up in a poor family, with a violent father. When his parents divorce as a teenager, the young man has to deal with the depression of his mother, who asks him to leave the home. “I do not have a classic background in this environment because I come from a poor family, my father was violent and I found myself on the street when I was 16 years old”, he confides in an interview. according to Leisure TV.

Anthony Bourbon is deeply saddened by the situation, but also outraged by so much injustice. “I felt a lot of hatred. The incomprehension added to a frustration of not understanding all these injustices that I was going through. I couldn’t control this desire for revenge, for revenge, ”he continues. Fortunately for him, his path crosses that of Mélanie Der, who is today his “right arm” at Feed. A meeting that will change his life.

“This is the first time that someone has given me a benevolent look and said, ‘You have to be successful, I believe in you.’ Having this outside perspective allowed me to focus my energy on positive things. Controlling the hatred I had inside served me as a booster, ”he reveals.

Accomplished entrepreneur, young thirty-something millionaire, Anthony Bourbon has no desire to stop there. For him, it is a question of continuing to progress at the same level as the best Chinese or American companies. He also wishes to “put meritocracy back at the heart of French society”. “Unfortunately in France today, there is a lot of inequality. 1% of entrepreneurs have done it alone. My goal is to generate a revolution. May the people who come from below be able to take their destiny back into their own hands, ”he assures us.

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