Friday, January 21

30 vaccinated and otherwise healthy admitted to intensive care in the last year: – It is very rare.

Almost 350,000 were infected with covid-19 in Norway last year. However, only 30 vaccinated people who were not in a risk group were admitted to an intensive care unit. 3 of them are dead. They were all over 65 years old.

For almost two years, intensive care units in Norway have received covid-19 patients. The photo was taken at Rikshospitalet on March 18 last year.

What is the risk of a vaccinated and otherwise healthy person becoming seriously ill with the coronavirus?

Fairly small, figures from FHI show. These patients are very rare in the intensive care units, according to the Oslo area’s two largest hospitals.

These are the figures from the year that has passed since the vaccination program started in December 2020:

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