Friday, January 28

Against Omicron, Austria imposes the wearing of the FFP2 mask outside

(Belga) The Austrian government decided on Thursday to make it compulsory to wear the FFP2 mask outdoors in an attempt to stop the spread of the Omicron variant and prevent a new containment of the population.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer spoke to the press in Vienna “a very serious situation”, “a new challenge” posed by the extreme contagiousness of Omicron. The number of new daily contaminations thus jumped to nearly 10,000 on Wednesday, against some 3,000 at the beginning of January, in this central European country of 8.9 million inhabitants. From next week, the FFP2 mask, already mandatory in Austria since January 2021 in closed transport and public places, will also be mandatory in the street. In particular when the distance of two meters cannot be respected, for example on pedestrian crossings or in queues. More adjusted on the face and more covering, this mask is more filtering, by its shape and its material, than the surgical mask. The controls of the vaccination pass will also be strengthened, while the rules for the isolation of patients and their relatives will be lightened to avoid the economic paralysis of the country. The head of government has not ruled out a new confinement if the situation in hospitals were to deteriorate, the most recent having ended on December 12 for the vaccinated. The non-vaccinated remain prohibited from leaving. (Belga)

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