Saturday, January 22

BMW presents car with paint that changes color in one second (video)

It is able to go from white to black in less than a second. BMW has just presented the iX Flow at the CES show in Las Vegas. A prototype which is not intended to be marketed, but which reveals an interesting innovation: a “changing paint” on demand.

Called E Ink by the German manufacturer, this aesthetic novelty is based on electrophoretic technology.

The American site The Verge explains in particular that this coating is here stimulated by an electric current, the video unveiled by BMW showing a vehicle capable of changing color segment by segment.

We can then see the iX Flow go from white to black in the blink of an eye with variations of gradients of the most beautiful effect. What also give a new look to the vehicle by adapting it to its tastes.

During its presentation, BMW explained that this high-tech coating consists of millions of miniature capsules where white and black pigments are negatively charged.

The result is that you can vary the color at the press of a button. And the rendering is impressive. Especially since the variation can be made at any time and on demand.

Beyond the tastes and the colors, BMW also explains that this change of this electric vehicle could have an impact on the mechanics and the batteries.

It is indeed accepted that a black vehicle tends to heat up more quickly under the sun, while a white or light-colored vehicle will be a little less impacted in very hot weather.

Conversely, a dark vehicle will be able to better capture the heat in a winter sun for example. A way to preserve batteries or even better manage air conditioning and passenger comfort, one can imagine.

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