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Caddy: the origins of the famous trolley manufacturer

A historic French company in bad shape. In insolvency and placed in receivership until February 22, the Caddy company has seven weeks to find a buyer, under penalty of seeing the brand celebrating its 65th anniversary disappear this year.

Originally, the cart was an American invention imported to France in 1928 by Raymond Joseph, an entrepreneur from Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin). Manager of a factory called “Les Ateliers Réunis”, he changed his entire production line focused on steel wire food utensils, such as drainers or feeders, for this famous trolley after his return from vacation in the United States. United.

Officially registered in France in 1957, the Caddie brand (in reference to the “caddy cart”, the golf cart) will be established in more than 75 countries and will become the “Ateliers Réunis Caddie” to mark the change integrated into the production line. with these trolleys on wheels, according to West France.

In 1958, it became the first company to equip a French supermarket with shopping carts in Ruel-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), then it did it again five years later with the first hypermarket in France. Over the years, the company has diversified to offer carts in airports, hospitals and tourist buildings.

Covid as an aggravating factor

In insolvency, the famous French company was placed in receivership with seven weeks to find a buyer and save the 140 employees of its only production site in Dettwiler (Bas-Rhin).

“It all started more or less at the time of the Covid, we had a sharp drop in turnover, then we had a lot of negative situations related to the Covid, in particular supply difficulties, production stoppages, increased costs of materials which have been multiplied by two or by three ”, analyzed Stéphane Dedieu, the president of the company, in an interview with AFP.

In fifteen years, the company has seen its turnover divided by ten and the rise in commodity prices with the pandemic, like steel, has not helped the company out of the market. financial deadlock.


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