Monday, January 24

CES 2022: an android with disturbing expressions of realism

His name is Ameca and he is one of the stars of CES in Las Vegas. Presented this week at the famous high-tech show, this android fascinates as much as it sows confusion among visitors who come to meet it.

Among the exhibitors, Engineered Arts Company demonstrated their robotics expertise by focusing on facial expressions and feelings that can be expressed by their android.

Wrinkles on the forehead, but also at the corners of the lips and eyes, an expressive and penetrating gray gaze and a lively mouth, Ameca is one of the most expressive robots shown at the show which serves as the annual great mass of the tech.

“We designed Ameca to be as close to the human as possible in its movements. Humans are so complex, so making a robot exactly like a human is next to impossible. But if we did that, then you wouldn’t be afraid of it, because you would just assume it’s a human, ”Morgan Roe, one of the designers of the android whose company is based in, told AFP. UK.

The strange valley

Above all, Ameca explores what roboticists call “The Valley of the Strange”. A concept invented by the Japanese Masahiro Mori at the dawn of the 1970s. According to this specialist in the field, the more realistic a robot looks, the more “monstrous” it appears to humans who dialogue with it. Since our brain perceives all the anomalies.

“It doesn’t move exactly like a human, it doesn’t express itself, or show its emotions, or speak like a human. It’s the valley of the strange, it’s the scary part, ”explains Morgan Roe.

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