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Chef against the current: – I was relieved when the bar stop came

– To abolish the bar stop, I do not think is the solution for everyone, says chef Halvar Ellingsen at Kvitnes Gård in Vesterålen.

FIRE torch: Chef Halvar Ellingsen at Kvitnes Gård wonders if it is so wise to push for the abolition of bar stops.

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While many in the restaurant industry pushes to lift the government’s national liquor ban, head chef Halvar Ellingsen goes the opposite way.

– The problems are far more complex, and will not be solved by abolishing the bar stop. In the current situation, the problem for many restaurants is that they do not have enough guests to stay open, says the star chef.

COOK: Halvar Ellingsen has been a dessert chef for the Norwegian national team of chefs and has worked at restaurants such as Bagatelle, Palace Grill and Arakataka, before starting up in Vesterålen.

Never before has there been a pandemic registered as many infected in one day as Tuesday, but in recent days there has been a debate about whether the governments’ national ban on drinking is a sensible measure.

A national appeal has been launched against the decision and a number of parties demand that the pour stop is lifted. Several Labor rapporteurs also come with one clear call for self-government.

But Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) will not turn around, and is ready to the liquor ban will not be lifted now, but that they are working on a new assessment.

Despite the fact that he has received a lot of criticism in recent days.

– I was relieved when the bar stop was introduced in mid-December, because then the decision to close was easier, says Halvar Ellingsen.

He has worked for several renowned restaurants in Oslo such as Bagatelle and at the Culinary Academy. In 2009 he won the Norwegian championship in culinary art and started on the national culinary team.

Eventually he returned home and was to hunt Michelin stars on the old family farm outside Sortland. But after a month came the coronavirus. There have been tough times with several redundancy rounds since.

Barely guests again

He was closed until the summer of 2020, when many Norwegians took the trip. In March 2021, he had to close again after national infection control measures. Ten employees were laid off, including a newly hired chef who came to the farm 45 minutes before she was laid off.

– We limped through large parts of November and the whole of December, and when the authorities said that you should stay home at the slightest symptom, we hardly had guests left, Ellingsen says.

THE DREAM PLACE: Halvar Ellingsen opened Kvitnes Gård in Vesterålen one month before the corona pandemic.

Halvar Ellingsen also points out that it can be difficult to stay open due to many employees in quarantine as the situation is now.

– Even though we have become good at infection control, it is not unlikely that omikron had managed to infect employees or that they ended up in quarantine, and in this industry there are not exactly many substitutes to put in place.

He also fears that the compensation scheme may become even worse if the bar stop is removed.

– In the restaurant industry, we do not cover turnover losses, as artists get. The support scheme is already bad, and it will hardly get better if the bar stop is removed, says Halvar Ellingsen

– We need a support scheme that kicks into what we have to close due to lack of employees.

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