Saturday, January 22

Covid-19: with some exceptions, it will no longer be necessary to wait 15 minutes after a booster dose

The majority of French people will now be able to go directly home after the injection of a booster dose of anti-Covid vaccine. This Thursday, January 6, the Ministry of Health indicated that the 15-minute monitoring period will no longer be mandatory for those whose previous injections went without problem.

According to a note sent to professionals, the government hopes to “streamline the organization of vaccination centers as part of the recall campaign”.


This quarter of an hour of observation had been put in place from the first injections, in order to allow rapid medical assistance in the event of a bad reaction to the vaccine, of an allergic type for example.

However, “the risk that people who have not had an allergic reaction during their primary vaccination do during their booster dose is extremely low,” said the Directorate General of Health (DGS). This period therefore remains in effect for the first two injections, but not for a booster dose, except in special cases.

This measure does not apply to people who were initially vaccinated with a serum other than Pfizer or Moderna, but also those who have “a known allergic ground” or “an increased risk of having anaphylactic shock”, the pregnant women, “people weakened by chronic illnesses with possible mobility difficulties” or even those who present “vaccination anxiety”.

To justify this decision, the DGS ensures that no “case concerning serious adverse effects” has never been reported so far to the health authorities during this “15-minute post-vaccination surveillance period”.

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