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Desinfox. Did Olivier Véran reveal the vaccination status of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and violate medical confidentiality?

The deputies began Monday examining the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass. On this occasion, the Insoumis deputy and presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon considered that the vaccine against the Covid-19 was a “racket with holes” and castigated the government’s policy. This gave rise to a tense exchange with Olivier Véran.

“In the past you were so wrong”, retorted the Minister of Health, before adding: “You compared the messenger RNA vaccine to frozen foods sold in supermarkets, you spoke of this” thing ” Pfizer than ever, ever you would receive. I believe you have received your third dose of Pfizer, Mr MP ”.

Recall the order

A last sentence intended to show the contradictions of the Insubordinate, but which did not please everyone. From Le Perchoir, the Vice-President of the National Assembly, Annie Genevard (LR), has moreover called the minister to order : “Mr. Minister, I am not sure that the entire Assembly should be informed of the nature of the vaccine that Mr. Mélenchon received”.

A little later, the Socialist deputy Cécile Untermaier said she was “shocked that medical confidentiality could be disclosed in the National Assembly”. A feeling shared by several Internet users on social networks (here or to be). Olivier Véran, neurologist by profession, defended himself by explaining that he had “betrayed no medical secrets” and that he had “only addressed the public statements of the president (of group, Editor’s note) Mélenchon”.

Mistrustful Mélenchon …

What is it really ? To understand, let’s start from the beginning. When Pfizer’s messenger RNA vaccine appeared, Jean-Luc Mélenchon expressed his doubts about this innovative technology.

As Olivier Véran mentioned in a public session, he drew a parallel between this vaccine and frozen products during an intervention on BFMTV in December 2020. “You and me, we don’t know anything about vaccines, but we knows at least two or three things about frozen food, since we consume it. This vaccine which depends on such a cold chain, it worries me, because the slightest break, you will not see it before seeing the effects, ”he said. (1’53 in the video below).

A month later, journalist Ali Baddou asked him on France 5 if he was going to be vaccinated. Response from the LFI deputy: “At the thing, there, from Pfizer? Under no circumstances, under any circumstances! “. He then added: “I will go when we have another vaccine that I can choose, that I can discuss with my doctor (sic)” (at 0’23 on this video).

… but vaccinated and “happy”

Since then, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has indeed extended his arm. In any case, he has said so on several occasions. At the end of October 2021, he thus indicated on Radio Peyi, a Guyanese radio station, to be “happy to be vaccinated”. The fact that it is is therefore no secret. On Monday again, he confirmed it publicly twice: first in the morning on France inter (at 15’46 on this video), then to the National Assembly, during his speech (at 4’34 on this video).

He even assured in November that he would receive a booster dose. “Will you do the third dose?” », Asked him at the time a journalist of BFMTV. “Yes of course I will go to the end of the process even if I have all kinds of reservations”, replied the candidate Insoumis at the Elysee Palace. (at 3’30 on this video). At the beginning of December, he even specified on RMC that he had made “the appointment”. (at 0’58 on this video).

Recall necessarily with messenger RNA

If Jean-Luc Mélenchon has done his vaccination booster, it is certain that he received a dose of a messenger RNA vaccine. The serums from Moderna and Pfizer are indeed the only ones that can be used as part of the recall campaign.

Anyway, the leader of the rebels recognizes that “the vaccine is part of the means that reduce the risk” in the face of Covid-19. But he calls for not betting the whole strategy against the virus on vaccination, which is not 100% effective against contamination. Rather than defending the vaccine pass, he pleads for free tests for all, the massive deployment of air purifiers and a moratorium on the closures of hospital beds.

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