Friday, January 21

Free Mobile: what is this new SMS scam?

Warning: if you are a Free Mobile customer, you may have been the target of another scam.

As reported Phonandroid, several subscribers indicated on social networks having received an SMS containing the following text: “Free Mobile: following suspicious activity on your account, an agent tried to make contact. Identify yourself on ”

This message is a scam. By clicking on the link, the customer is redirected to a fake login page that looks like two drops of water to the one used by Free. Only the font and a logo differ, analyzes Phonandroid.

The purpose of the SMS is to encourage customers to enter their usernames and passwords. This is a phishing attempt, a widespread scam that involves collecting personal data for malicious use (identity theft, etc.)

You should therefore not click on the link, enter your connection information or reply to the SMS. The phishing attempt can be reported on the platform Phishing Initiative, which allows you to block access to these sites.

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