Wednesday, January 26

Gone Girl: how Ben Affleck personally recruited Emily Ratajkowski

It was in David Fincher’s film, “Gone Girl” (2014), that Emily Ratajkowski took her first steps in cinema. A role obtained thanks to the intervention of Ben Affleck.

Before playing the character of Andie Hardy, the pupil and mistress of Nick Dunne – played by Ben Affleck – Emily Ratajkowski had gained international fame for her appearance in the music video for Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke’s controversial hit in which she danced topless. Shortly after, the 23-year-old made the front page of all magazines and accumulated millions of subscribers on social networks.

It was during a conversation between David Fincher and Ben Affleck about the mistress of the main character of Gone Girl, and the need for her to be as much possible for rejection in women as a moral dilemma for men. , that the actor will propose the name of Emily Ratajkowski. A suggestion accepted by David Fincher.

In the film, Ben Affleck and Emily Ratajkowski share a particularly scorching scene in which the young woman’s sculptural body is highlighted. A sequence that had at the time reacted Jennifer Garner, who was then the wife of the actor. “He told me that we had only told him about the breasts of the girl in the Blurred Lines clip which, since we are talking about them, are natural and fabulous,” she said. on American television about the media fascination with Emily Ratajkowski’s chest.

Ben Affleck was also filmed naked for a very short scene where he comes out of his shower. “He said to me ‘David Fincher asked me to get out of a shower’, and I said, ‘Oh cool, I hope he filmed with a wide-angle!'”, S Amused Jennifer Garner, referring to the generosity of her former husband.

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