Monday, January 24

Haute-Savoie: a doctor had been driving without a license for 31 years

By patrolling the highway, the Haute-Savoie gendarmes put an end to a thirty-one year long offense. During a roadside check, they arrested a motorist who had been driving without a license for more than three decades.

This 64-year-old doctor from Toulouse was checked by the Saint-Julien-en-Gennevois motorway peloton on Thursday, December 30, while he was trying to cross the Viry toll, on the A40.

Arrested at the wheel of his Mercedes, he quickly confessed his long-standing offense to the gendarmes.

He was going to Switzerland

Of Algerian origin, this radiologist explained that he arrived in France in 1990. He then had one year to ensure that the French administration recognized his driving license obtained in Algeria, but did not take the necessary steps. within the allotted time.

According to France blue, the motorist tried to retake his driving license in France in 2008. He failed the exam, without however ceasing to use his car. Accompanied by his wife at the time of the check, he was going to Basel, Switzerland, to celebrate the New Year with his daughter.

A program thwarted by the gendarmes, who immobilized his vehicle and imposed a fine of 500 euros. As his wife did not have a driving license either, the man called a taxi to be driven in his Mercedes to his daughter’s house. A second driver was then assigned to bring the first to the toll station, where his company vehicle had remained.

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