Monday, May 23

He first reported his father to the FBI. Then Jackson went on CNN and shocked the family.

NEW YORK (Aftenposten): Jackson Reffitt first reported his father to the FBI. Then he went on CNN and shocked the rest of the family.

Guy Reffitt (49) understood that he could be in trouble. The father of three from Texas worked hard to “erase all traces” after what he had been involved in in Washington DC, according to court documents.

He was also concerned that the other family members should stay close.

– If you gossip, you are a traitor, and you know what happens to traitors … Traitors are shot, Reffitt told his son and daughter, according to police interrogations.

Ten days after the storming of Congress, nine black-clad police officers appeared outside the family home in Texas. They threw stun grenades in the courtyard, marched into the house and arrested Reffitt, writes New York Magazine.

The other family members still did not know what had happened behind the scenes. It only became clear a few days later. Then the eldest son Jackson Reffitt (19) suddenly appeared on CNN in prime time.

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