Friday, January 21

He is presented as the new Sarpsborg coach: – There will be a change

Stefan Billborn (49) is the man who will be presented as the new Sarpsborg coach on Friday. According to Joacim Jonsson, this should mean a kind of new course in the Østfold club.

TO SARPSBORG: Stefan Billborn as Hammarby coach after the victory in the Swedish cup final last year.

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VG receives information from an informed team, and is also in line with what TV 2 reported Wednesday. Sarpsborg has invited to a press conference on Friday where the new head coach after Lars Bohinen is presented.

– It breaks a bit with the style that Sarpsborg has had. Billborn also wants high pressure and counter-attacking football, as Sarpsborg did well in 2017–2018. But Billborn is also very concerned with free play and ball possession, says VG’s football expert Joacim Jonsson.

He believes that this means that the Østfold club will look different.

– There will be a change in Sarpsborg. You become offensive and playful, Jonsson states.

– Is that good?

– It will be something new, and Sarpsborg needs changes. With the right signings in the back joint, they should be able to fight for the top six. But it requires restructuring. They must bring in players who are good in the free play phase if they are to bring in stoppers or backers. They have inens that are extremely good in that phase now, and at the same time good enough otherwise. So they have to strengthen, says Jonsson.

Billborn has experience from the capital club Hammarby, Brommapojkarna and as an assistant for the Swedish U21 national team.

In Hammarby, he was sacked after winning a dull boring cup final in a penalty shootout against Häcken last year. The former Rosenborg-linked Milos Milojevic took over for Billborn at the time.

– A modest guy, withdrawn and careful, so he is not a circus director. He has also been criticized in Sweden for not being a “match coach”, ie making the right moves during the matches, Joacim Jonsson points out about Sarpsborg’s other Swedish coach in less than a year.

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