Tuesday, January 25

Horn of Africa: new American envoy amid deadlock in Ethiopia and Sudan

(Belga) The United States announced Thursday the appointment of seasoned diplomat David Satterfield as new envoy for the Horn of Africa, replacing Jeffrey Feltman who is stepping down amid deadlock in the Ethiopian conflict and the Sudanese crisis .

David Satterfield, a specialist in thorny Middle East issues who has had to deal with strained relations with Turkey in recent years as ambassador to Ankara, will take up his post “in the coming days”, said the head of the EU. American diplomacy Antony Blinken in a statement. His “decades of diplomatic and working experience grappling with the most complex conflicts on the planet will be invaluable in our continuing efforts to promote a prosperous and peaceful Horn of Africa,” he added. Jeffrey Feltman will end his mission after a final trip to Addis Ababa, which began Thursday, in an attempt to wrestle peace talks between the government and the Tigrayan rebels. Antony Blinken ensures that the emissary, appointed in early 2021, had always intended to leave after “less than a year”. He will remain “adviser” to the State Department. Jeffrey Feltman, very invested on the Sudanese and Ethiopian fronts, had suffered a heavy snub on October 25 during the military putsch carried out in Khartoum just hours after his departure, even though he thought he had received satisfactory assurances from the ‘army. His departure comes as civilian Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok has just resigned, making it even more difficult to relaunch the democratic transition. His efforts to encourage dialogue between the belligerents in Ethiopia have also so far been unsuccessful. (Belga)


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