Sunday, January 16

Île-de-France: the metro ticket is resisting, faced with the shortage of raw materials

While the total cessation of the sale of cardboard metro ticket books in all Paris region stations was scheduled for March 2022, Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) has just announced the postponement of this measure to the September return. In question ? The shortage of electronic chips, which affects the production of the Navigo pass.

Since mid-October, the machines of a hundred metro and RER stations no longer allow the sale of booklets of 10 cardboard metro tickets. This month, 176 additional stations were to join the 106 first, before all the stations in the region are affected by this measure, which is primarily environmental.

Instead, IDFM developed and marketed the Navigo Easy card – like the Oyster Card in London – which allows you to load dematerialized tickets, purchased from machines or from the “IDF Mobilités” mobile application. This costs 2 euros but can be reused indefinitely.

In fact, the first metro ticket book on the Navigo Easy card costs 16.9 euros (instead of 14.9 euros), but it can then be used for all trips on the RATP network (Navigo package day, OrlyBus, RoissyBus …).

Six months of reprieve

Except that this project encountered a major obstacle, according to information from the Parisian relayed this Thursday, January 6: the shortage of electronic chips, necessary for the manufacture of the Navigo pass. Pushing him back for six months. What was supposed to be final in March will now be final in September.

“We are not in a situation of shortage for Navigo cards, but we must anticipate to manage stocks”, explains one at Ile-de-France Mobilités, which admits to the Parisian that “there is a tension on the supply and stocks of chips ”.

As a reminder, an alternative is already available on an experimental basis and under development: that of validating your Navigo pass, your Navigo Easy card or your metro ticket only by affixing your smartphone to the turnstile. Already available on some Android devices, this solution should be rolled out next spring.

In addition, the cardboard metro ticket is not doomed to disappear completely, since it will still be possible to buy certain tickets in cardboard version, such as the single t + ticket or the origin-destination ticket which allows to travel to the suburbs. And this, at least until 2025.

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